Tips for choosing the services of an animation video maker

If you want to make promotion but don’t have the ability and enough time, the services of an agency are the solution you can use. Animation has recently become a form of video that is often used for both learning and promotion. This is because animated videos can attract people of all ages, regardless of age and class.

For promotional media, highly recommends those of you who are running new or old businesses use animated videos. The advantages that your business can get if you choose animated videos as a form of promotion are as follows:

Animated videos are preferred by many people. Based on a survey, 90% of people in Indonesia will pay more attention to advertisements in the form of animated videos than images and text.

The variety of animated videos that are also entertaining will make more people see the promotional video because the format is not boring.

Compared to advertising through brochures, animated videos will be easier for people to remember.

Product sales will continue to increase, especially if the sales target is children. In Japan and South Korea, the use of animated videos for promotion has been widely used and has been proven to help increase sales.

If you want to use an animation video production company either to promote your business or for other purposes, you have to pay attention to these things first!


Ask for a portfolio of those who offer animated video production Companies. Make sure they are experienced and also make sure they can make the animation as you expect. Through their portfolio too, you can find out the quality of their work.


Ask in advance the price offered for making animation. Make sure your budget is right, too! The thing to remember is, don’t be easily tempted by animation video production companies that are too cheap because the quality may not necessarily satisfy you.


You can ask those who have used animation video production companies for recommendations. In this way, it indirectly conveys that the work of the service provider is satisfactory. You can also find out who and what companies have used their services to get more testimonials.


Choose an animated video production company that is not too far from your location. This will help you to have more confidence in their services. If something happens in the middle of the process, you and the service provider can meet in person in a short time to discuss it.


Try to choose a service that has friendly customer service. It’s very important for ease of communication and minimizing misunderstandings. That way you can easily and freely ask questions if you have problems.

Working time

Another tip that can be followed for choosing an animation video production company is, to find out how long the deadlines are that they can work on. Make sure their work time is by the target and promotion schedule.

Promoting and delivering information through animation is indeed very profitable. It’s easier to get people’s interest because animations aren’t as boring as regular images and text. However, if you want to use an animation video production company, make sure you pay attention to their portfolio, prices, recommendations, location, service, and working hours! As stated above, these things will certainly affect the collaboration process and the results obtained.

If you are still confused about choosing an animation video production company, you can directly contact experienced With pocket-friendly prices and efficient working time, will help you to make animation the way you want. also provides a free consultation if you wish. provides various services that will certainly help ease your burden in the areas of documentation, social media management, and design. Located in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, is engaged in various fields, including Video Production, Event & Wedding Documentation, Graphic Design, Optimization & Social Media Management, as well as Video & Photography products.

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